I’m KayAnna. Welcome. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. It is hard to explain myself. How much should I say?, what should I say? I am a fairly private person and it is sometimes hard for me to reveal myself to others but I will try.

I am 27 years old and I live in Atlanta GA. I am married to a great man, Gregory and we have the best daughter, Sydney who is two years old. My husband owes a business where I work full time. I am an aspiring author who one day wants to write great bestselling novels I can be proud of.

Tell me what you think!

Hi there…from another writer Kirby. Dave Kirby, Boulder CO. Studied fiction in college, now a part time music critic/columnist…and blogger, if that counts.

There's a well-known author named Dave Kirby, who has written for the NYT and has a couple of well respected books on autism….and yet another Dave Kirby, who teaches poetry at a college in Florida.

My blog is here…music, outdoors, etc.


Cheers, KayAnna.