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Sydney, my toodle do

Roses are red Violets are blue, My little Sydney is my toodle do She’s smart and funny She sings and dance She kicks the ball Then runs really fast She does her best with everything she does She tries real hard to be the best she can She loves her family She loves her friends…

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Claimed By Desire By KayAnna Kirby Cover Release

A Good girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgement, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is no-where to be found. She is left alone and feels used. But that wasn’t the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings

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I’m KayAnna. Welcome. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. It is hard to explain myself. How much should I say?, what should I say? I am a fairly private person and it is sometimes hard for me to reveal myself to others but I will try. I am 27 years old and I…

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