Review of Venom By Joan Brady


Title: Venom
Author: Joan Brady
Buy: Release Date August 10, 2010

Recently released from prison, David Mario didn’t expect to find a hitmat at his door. Warned that a powerful secret organization is after him, David goes underground and off the radar-waiting for the perfect moment to wreak revenge.

Physicist Helen Freyl has just accepted a job offer from a giant pharmaceutical company who are close to finding a cure for radiation poisoning. But when the mysteriously sudden death of a colleague is followed by another, Helen begins to doubt her employers’ motives and realises that her own life is in danger, too.

Venom brings David and Helen together as they fight for their lives against a backdrop of industrial espionage, corporate greed and human tragedy in this exhilarating and fast paced follow up to Joan Brady’s bestselling Bleedout.

The Good
Venom is a complicated story that takes you from Springfield, Illinois to Belarus to London, Alabama and a few places in between. You meet many characters who all have their part to play in a multi-national corporate conspiracy. The tension starts on the first place as David, the hero is warned of a hitman on it’s way to kill him. The action scenes are well written and the characters are also deeply explored.

Ms. Brady shows that she has put a large amount of work into Venom. The author took special care to make you familiar with everywhere the book went as well as the people. It felt as if you were in London, or in Alabama or where ever the author wanted you to be. The attention to deal was excellent and the Author was able to explain a rather complex story and idea well.

The Not So Good
I think during the first 60% of the book, the pace was slow. The sense of urgency was lost due to the attention to detail in many scenes. It also took very long to get to the payoff.It seemed as though there was a lot of fluff to fill space. There were parts that I thought were un-necessary for the story.

The Main characters, Helen and David’s relationship seemed thrown together. Helen was very much in love with David, but you never saw why. He always treated her with a level of distain until the end of the book.


Venom is a smart thriller that successfully takes you around the world to uncover a corporate conspiracy. You never know who to trust or where it is going. Suspenseful, action packed at times as well as slow paced and very descriptive at others.

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