All Wrapped up for Christmas Review

All Wrapped up for Christmas by Em Brown
Published by Literary Partners Group Inc Genres: Erotica, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 187

Title: All Wrapped up for Christmas
* Publish Date: 2008-12-25
* ISBN: 978-1-60777-099-2
Buy From: Ravenous Romance
Rate: 3 stars out of 5 stars.
Hotness Level: 7/10 Scorching!

Book Description
Audrey Jones can’t believe her best friend gave her a gift card to a male escort service for Christmas. A successful finance executive, Audrey doesn’t feel like there’s anything missing in her life. But when she finds herself alone for the holidays, she decides to take a chance, embarking on a personal journey that is both unexpected and highly erotic.

Rance Durand has no trouble getting women. So why can’t he seem to get the time of day from the woman whose apartment unit is right next to his? When he overhears her calling the escort service, Rance decides to take the escort’s place. He has three days to seduce her.
Will Audrey finally let down her guard and succumb to Rance’s talents in the bedroom? Will Rance be able to win her over before the three days are up? Either way, this Christmas novel will give you a holiday you’ll never forget!


Audrey is a black woman in her thirties who is successful, but without a boyfriend/spouse. The majority of her time is spent working and climbing the corporate ladder. She lives in San Francisco but was just offered a job promotion which has her moving clear across the country to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Excited about the promotion, but finding herself lonely on Christmas, Audrey takes her best friend up on her Christmas present, a gift card to an escort service.

Rance, Audrey’s next door neighbor over hears Audrey calling the escort service and takes the escorts place. He’s liked Audrey for months, but he was afraid to ask her out.

This is an erotic romance novel that brings you in slow and finishes really good. The writing is straight forward and flows well. It’s an easy story that you find yourself waiting for Audrey and Rance to get it on. Once the sex starts it goes on and on. Audrey and Rance must have had sex 30 times and each time was explained in explicit detail. The sex scenes were done well except…sometimes the words used were less than appealing and I had to skip that section. That’s a personal taste.

There was so much sex I had to skim over some of them. It got too much for me. They had sex every which-a-way. I think I had sex overload.

I read this book pretty quickly, about two and a half days. It took so long because I got bored during the middle and took a break.

Because the book had so much sex, you didn’t really get into the characters too deeply. However, they were still like-able.

The friends of the main characters, were flat, but they where not a big part of the story. This was a story based on two people falling in love…with tons of sex.

Other than the sex, everything was pretty light. There was no other conflict in the story other than Audrey and Rance being unsure of the other’s feelings, and Rance’s lie.

It also didn’t feel like Christmas in the story. It would be mentioned here or there but I didn’t get a feeling that it was Christmas. That may be because it didn’t feel like Christmas Audrey and Rance

This was a sexy, fun and short erotic romance. By the end of the book I was pulling for Audrey and Rance to get together even though it didn’t go as smoothly as it could have (It never does).
If you want a light, erotic, fun read, pick up All Wrapped up for Christmas.

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