Cheating and The Crackerjack Conundrum


After a hypothetical question on facebook about cheating, my husband and I started to talk about it. We got down to why people cheat and he said this that made me think.

Hubby: “It’s like opening up a box of crackerjacks when you’re a kid.You’re like oh wow, ummm, I love these. They taste so good. crunch, crunch, crunch, OMG! a prize, that’s great. you play with the new toy and keep getting surprised. After a while… you might find a stale peanut. Or the box of crackerjacks finish. You’re full but that only lasts for a time. That’s one of the reasons people cheat. There is no excitement, no surprise any more.”

Me: “Ok. What can be done to help that. You can eat but so much crackerjacks, after a while you are going to want something else. What should be done?”

Hubby”: “Well you should remember how the crackerjacks use to taste and be content with that”

Me: “Well why do you have to settle with memories? People are always changing. Nothing is constant except change. If you look, there are many surprises to people who you’ve known for a long time. Why do some people get bored and instead try to find either another box of crackerjacks or another flavor or caramel popcorn?” (remember, we’re still talking about crackerjacks here).

Me: “Plus it’s boring. I don’t believe in settling”.

So, how do you keep you or your significant other from searching out the New and Exciting vs the same and possibly exciting. Can love for someone alone keep you content?

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Kayanna Kirby says:

Lol! I know what u mean and agree fully. I guess time is the answer. I would ask people who've done it (lasted 2-4 or 5 decades together) but they'll probably don'g remember. Lol

Smokinhotbooks says:

You have me thinking…

I think marriage is hard freaking work first of all and a lot of the time if you are not getting what you need sometimes you look to someone else. I'm not saying I would never cheat, but I have had ups and down in my own marriage that I understand why there is cheating.

Btw if my hubs ever cheated on my I'd kick his a**

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