Book Review: Chance Encounters By Mia Jae

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Chance Encounters by Mia Jae

Chance Encounters by Mia Jae
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Genre: erotic, contemporary, ménage, M/F/M, M/F/F

Review Copy received from Publisher

Summary: Seven short, erotic stories to wet your appetite, packaged in one collection. Whether the couples meet on a glance, make a split second decision or take a chance to be together, the encounters change their lives, for a minute, or for a lifetime.

You’ll find a plumber who gets into more than a little hot water, a housewife tangled up in a cyber relationship, a cowboy trio attempting to brand a bartender for their very own, and a woman experimenting with a same-sex relationship. Then, there is naughty Rose, who dances naked in front of her bedroom window, a chance sexual encounter in a taxi that turns the tables, and a woman who finds herself doing exactly what she thinks she shouldn’t and liking it.

Bonus story! A collaborative story by bestselling erotica authors Tia Fanning and Mia Jae.

KayAnna’s Review:
I am new to short stories and I think Chance Encounters was a nice start. The seven stories feature different people in different stages of their lives who have chance encounters of the sexual kind. The author did a good job of mixing up the couples featured. The stories swung from one type of person to someone totally different. The only cohesiveness in the story is that they had some sort of sex.
The different stories were soft on character development, which may be because the stories were short. The first story, Don’t Tempt Me, was a sweet story about a chance encounter in a cab that leads to major consequences afterward. After I got into this story, it ended. I wanted to read more. That was the only issue with Chance Encounters. Sometimes the stories were nice and you wanted to see where they went from there, but you were out of luck.

During Chance Encounters, although character development was soft, you learned about the characters through how they got into the sexual situations and how they reacted throughout it. You saw the characters insecurities, hopes, and internal struggles. The snapshots were very revealing and you got to understand the characters. Not all of the stories have a happy ending or even a suggestion of happy ending, just snapshots.

Chance encounters went by quickly. The stories varied from first person, third person and I think even a second person narrative.

This is a nice collection of short erotic stories that gives you snapshots of different peoples sexual chance encounters. The heat level varies from sweet, to hot and heavy ménage trios. This is a good book for traveling to or from work or on a plane. You can start and finish a story pretty fast without having to remember too much if you put it down for too long. Perfect for busy readers.

Rated 3 Delightful Divas by KayAnna!

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Smokinhotbooks says:

Usually with short stories I end up liking 2 or 3 & skim through the rest *blush* Bummer it didn't have m/m/f 😉

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