Romance to me is…

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The dozen red roses and chocolate. *lame*

Getting sang to as you look down from your window sill. OH GOD *face palm*

Poetry with your beloved’s name in it. *Barf city*


As far as women go, I am probably in the minority with my romantic views. However, I don’t think any of the above events are romantic. I think they are staged, and would make me uncomfortable, not feel a pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love.

So, what do I think is romantic?

Running and fighting thorough the Amazon rain forest with enemies on your tail. Dashing under trees and above rivers. Building shelter at the end of the day with leaves and sticks. Both of you fighting along side each other.

He’s scratched and scraped, disheveled  with a little cut on the side of his mouth that’s bleeding a little because earlier he was in a hand to hand match with the “enemy”, dirty and tired. He looks over at you as you climb into the bed both of you have made and he says,

Baby, there is no one I would rather be here with than you. Now get some sleep.

Then he turns and leaves to cover the perimeter around you making sure you are safe.


Now that’s romantic.


What’s romantic to you?

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Gregory Cancryn says:

You forgot to mention the body of Adonis!!!! No wonder we’re perfect for each other. It’s you and me against the world baby!!!

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