Book Review: Ripping The Bodice By Inara Lavey


Ripping The Bodice
Title: Ripping The Bodice
Author: Inara Lavey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3.3 our of 5 stars
Why I read Ripping The Bodice: Because I heard it was funny and really good.
Mode Of Possession: I bought the book

Got sex and romance on the brain? So does Cassandra Devon. She also has hard-boiled
private eyes, dashing pirates, jet-setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly explicit subconscious. All these erotic daydreams make it hard to stay focused on Cassandra’s current dilemma: namely, rebuffing the advances of Connor, a wild Irish rascal who wants to play the starring role in her fantasies. Cassandra is only interested in getting together with Raphael, the tall, dark and handsome man of her dreams. May the best romance hero win!

About Ripping the Bodice

Cassandra Devon is a romance book addict. She works as a customer service rep at a paper company but spends most of her time reading and re-reading early romance books. You know, the ones with the Fabio covers and flowery language. She loves it and not only spends most of her time reading them, but daydreaming about them and putting herself in the heroine’s shoes.

She ends her lackluster relationship with her boyfriend and accepts a weekend trip with a long time friend to a resort. There along with her friend she meets Conor, a sexy if rough around the edges guy with a strong Irish Brogue who she can’t stand. Cassandra also meets Raphael, Connor’s business partner who is the eptitome of romance heroes and falls for her real life knight in shinning armor.

However, Cassandra is conflicted with the “perfect” guy in her estimation and the one her body calls out for.

The Good

Ripping The Bodice is funny and witty. There were truly laugh out loud moments during the story and I was really able to get into the story. The writing was really good and flowed really well and easy. The interactions between the characters was nice and funny and overall fun. I didn’t want to leave these characters and wanted to see what would happen next. I didn’t want to put it down. There were also some nice themes in the book (I won’t spoil it), and it showed how Cassandra grew within the story.

The Bad (or not so Great)

During the story, to show how much Cassandra daydreams, there are passages at the beginning of each chapter or so where flowery languaee abound in the form of old school romance where Cassandra put herself in the position of the heroine. These passages are the basis for many comedic situations but they can also be so long I found myself skipping over these areas and trying to get back to the story and the interactions with Conner, Cassandra, Raphael and the rest of the crew.
Also, I was looking for more sex, hehehe. There weren’t any, or not much anyways. The story was based on two people (not telling which one) getting together.


If you want a fun short contemporary romance, Ripping The Bodice is a good choice to go with. It’s fun, and you won’t want to put it down until it’s finished.

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Lisa Lane says:

Inara LaVey has such a great sense of humor in her writing. I look forward to more!

Dana Fredsti says:

Hi, Kayanna! I just wanted to thank you for a: buying my book, b: reading it, and c: for such a nice review!

More sex, huh? 🙂 Noted for the sequel!

Inara LaVey

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