Book Review: Millie’s Fling


Title: Millie’s Fling
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Rating: 3/5
How I received this book: Bought


Bestselling novelist Orla Hart owes her life to her friend Millie Brady, whose rotten boyfriend has just left her. So Orla invites Millie to Cornwall, where Millie looks forward to a summer without any dating whatsoever. But Orla envisions Millie as the heroine of her next novel and decides to find Millie the man of her dreams. Except the two women have drastically different ideas about what kind of guy that should be.

With Orla and Millie working at cross-purposes, and a dashing but bewildered hero stuck in the middle, the summer will turn out to be unforgettable for all concerned…

One word comes to mind after I finished Millie’s Fling, “Lovely”. The beginning started off slow. I didn’t connect with the characters right away and I started to lose interest. But, I continued and the characters grew on me. It’s a very light read. Nothing earth shattering, no really bad people, just a lovely all around book. Millie’s Fling takes place in England with English characters and an English author. Reading, I got an overall feeling of Bridget Jones Diary (movie) without the diary (even though I only saw the movie and didn’t read the book).I got a feel of British chick lit. There are a few words and slang I didn’t understand and I guess the meaning of the paragraphs were lost on me somewhat. That did reduce the value or enjoyment of the book.

There is no sex. You lead up to sex and continue after sex but no actual sex in the book. There were a band of characters who you learn much about. They all come together as part of the story.

This book was very funny, laugh out loud funny at times which made me like the book more. Overall this is a nice and lovely read. If you want an easy sweet read pick up Millie’s Fling.

What I didn’t understand is the title. The title doesn’t really enhance the book. I had a different idea of what was going to happen vs. what did happen.

Recommended for a getaway, vacation, beach read or if you want an easy relaxing, or put a smile on your face time, read Millie’s fling.

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