Claimed By Desire


Claimed By Desire: A Hearts Desire's Novel

 A Heart’s Desire Book 1

Publication Date: May 17th 2011

Publisher: Sovereign Media


A Good girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgement, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is no-where to be found. She is left alone and feels used. But that wasn’t the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings.

A Billionaire with everything except…

Bryson Anderson Jr., multi billionaire real estate developer has it all; money, power, women, even his own island. A real estate acquisition brings him face to face with the alluring Allison once again on the tropical Cayman Islands. When he hears Allison is expecting his heir as a result of their explosive one night stand, a primal urge for a family is born. However, he has to convince an angry Allison to be a family even if it’s just for their child.

He didn’t realize he could lose his heart in the process.

When Bryson becomes the target of a jilted rival out to destroy him, Allison and Bryson will have to fight for their lives and their hearts—before it’s too late.


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[learn_more caption=”Claimed By Desire Excerpt”]  Meat.

Allison wanted meat, and lots of it. The thought of it made her mouth water. Allison made her way through throngs of dignitaries and reached the buffet table and went to work. At least it’s not carbs, she thought. Allison discreetly placed a respectable, at least to her, amount of sliced roast beef on her plate and proceeded to check out the lamb on the other side of the table. Not interested, she headed back to her table. Before she could get there, the back of a large tuxedo collided with her roast beef. Allison watched as her beloved protein somersaulted it’s way to the marble floors.

Slightly stunned that someone could be so clumsy and or careless she started to dread the walk back to the buffet table. Her feet were starting to swell in her four inch heels and she didn’t know what to do. Frustration bubbled in her veins. She didn’t need this. All she wanted was her roast beef and come to think of it, a bed. Was that too much to ask?

“I’m sorry, I did not see you there. Don’t worry about the mess, I’ll have one of the matire d’ take care of it,” said Mr. can’t watch where he’s going. With fire in her soul, Allison forced her eyes away from her beloved roast beef on the floor and searched for the deep husky voice of the culprit.

If Allison wasn’t so annoyed and frustrated, she might have found the voice sexy. Now, she was ready to kill. For a second Allison considered her strong emotional response to the accident. After all, she wasn’t a hot head. It was really no big deal. All she had to do was brush it off and either get more food, or move on. But a small beast stirred in Allison. She was hungry and wasn’t going to take it anymore. She stood straight up and stared at the man in front of her. She drew in a sharp breath and touched her hand to her mouth.

OH MY GOD! Stunned into silence, Allison tilted her head up to meet the eyes of the six foot, three inch height of the man in front of her. His broad shoulders filled his tuxedo and took up her vision. All sound and movement disappeared around her. They became the only two people in the massive room. His eyes glowed and his golden skin sparkled under the chandeliers. His masculine, strong face stared back at her in awe. He was gorgeous. Greek God gorgeous. As gorgeous as she remembered him. Commanding eyes, and strong features. His beautiful face placed on top of his big strong body sent familiar electricity racing down her spine. Thoughts of his hard, naked, body stretched out above her , as he traced his big rough hands down her body to rest on her nipples sent shivers through her body and liquid heat to her core.

Just like that, she remembered being in his arms again, being claimed by him, body and soul. The force of the sensations made Allison’s knees weak. When she felt herself wobble, she reached back to hold onto the chair behind her. That momentary distraction snapped her out of her flashback. She shook her head slightly to clear any remaining thoughts that threatened to creep back into her consciousness, and armed herself with a steely exterior. Allison grabbed his hand. A charge of electric heat stung her fingers and left butterflies making a home in her stomach.

The erotic memories threatened to enter her consciousness once again. Shaking it off, she dragged him to a deserted corner of the ballroom while one of the maitre d’ busied himself cleaning up the broken plate and roast beef.

He followed with no resistance.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Reviews”] I thoroughly enjoyed Claimed By Desire.

It made me laugh (out loud) sometimes and I felt like I couldn’t put it down. I kept wanting to know what in the world was going to happen next. I’ve read many romances and while it’s a romance, I couldn’t guess what was going to happen. This book kept my interest and I found the characters fun.

The author put two people in a seemingly impossible situation that didn’t seem like they could ever resolve. Also, I liked that everything is not tied up in a nice neat fairy tale ribbon. I didn’t expect the suspense or the adventurous feeling I got half way through the book. That took me by surprise and once again the author had me wondering.

The sex scenes are really explosive. There are quite a few of them for a book that’s not super long. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t sex, sex, sex, but there was an actual story with really great sex. That’s had for me to find that. Or find a book with a really good story but no sex, lol. This delivered for me. I’m not a grammar police and didn’t notice much of anything that I felt was out of place. Nothing that I saw took me out of the story. Overall, a fun, funny and exciting story with steamy hot sex scenes and I forgot to mention, a hero to die for. –Amazon Reviewer[/learn_more]

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